SmART Initiative

The SmArt Initiative takes advantage of our state's remarkable pool of artistic talent and the many strong indigenous artistic traditions from the sea to the mountains. North Carolina needs an economy that serves newcomers and long time residents that attracts and keeps not only the creative individuals who drive innovations but also the enterprises that seek a culturally rich and diverse environment for business and a stimulating quality of life for their employee.

To encourage communities to pursue arts driven economic development, the North Carolina Arts Council created the SmART Initiative. Use the links below and on the left to explore the many existing arts-driven economic development resources  available for download. These materials include overviews of creative placemaking and public art projects and programs; examples of arts and cultural assessment inventories; examples of potential funding sources; details on tax incentives; and models for cultural district programs.

Read about the SmART Initiative Task Force and report.

For additional information contact:

Chris Beacham, Senior Program Director, Creative Economies
(919) 807-6506