Arts & Science Council Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Inc: NC Wolf Trap

NC Wolf Trap is a regional site for the nationally recognized professional development program, Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts. Started in 2005, NC Wolf Trap models professional development in arts integration for teaching artists and pre-kindergarten teachers.

The program provides 7-week teaching artist residencies in schools. In that time, teaching artists model for classroom teachers approaches to introduce dance, music and drama into the curriculum to enhance students’ developmental and academic skills. With teaching artists’ guidance, teachers then plan and implement arts integrated lesson plans in their classrooms. The program remains at one site for three years, so teachers experience three different artists, making it more likely for them to sustain newly acquired teaching practices and approaches.

Prior to residencies, the program provides:

1. A week-long New Teaching Artist Institute, including demonstration lessons in classrooms and study of young children to help plan developmentally appropriate lessons.

2. Advanced training for teaching artists through a three-day Renewal Teaching Artist Institute, two days of follow-up observation and one-on-one coaching.

After the residencies, teachers participate in a whole day workshop to plan additional arts-based activities directly related to their curriculum.

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