Lincoln Center Institute International Educator Workshops (InEW)

Developing Imagination, Creativity and Innovation

In 2010, N.C. Arts Council and the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts partnered with the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education (LCI) to create a regional site for LCI’s International Educator Workshop (InEW) on the campus of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA).

The InEW professional development model uses a curriculum based on “aesthetic education,” an inquiry-based approach that places the arts at the center of the imaginative learning experience. The methodology is applicable to all subjects across the curriculum, and challenges participants to consider the role of art and imagination in education and ways to bring them into classrooms.

During the week-long summer training, LCI-trained experts guide participants through:

  • First-hand experiences with live works of art through attendance at dance, music, or theater performances, and/or visits to museums or public art sites.
  • Learning supported by art-making, questioning, reflection and contextual research focused on the works of art workshop participants will experience.
  • Lectures by guest educators and discussions on the arts, imagination, and education.
  • Curriculum planning based on LCI’s imaginative learning approach. Participants will create age-appropriate, differentiated, experiential lessons that support connections with learning content standards.

A three-day advanced level LCI workshop will be held at UNCSA July 27-29, 2012. The workshop will enhance participants’ understanding of imaginative learning and help them continue to find new excitement in their teaching while preparing their students to become creative, conceptual thinkers ready for the world beyond the classroom.

The advanced-level workshop is open only to participants who have completed the 5-day Lincoln Center Institute InEW Workshop at any host site; to those who have completed the online courses: Survey of LCI Practice or Course 2; and to those who have participated in an LCI Consultancy that is the equivalent of a one-week introductory-level workshop.

For more information, including housing, credit options, selected art forms, focus works of art and registration, visit

This partnership supports North Carolina’s emphasis on 21st Century skills, especially the development of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration and the Arts Council’s 2009–13 Strategic Plan, Creative North Carolina, establishing N.C. as the state of creativity in all levels and in all endeavors of civic and private life.