Experience the Arts

The North Carolina Arts Council works to benefit North Carolina citizens and communities through the arts. Our core functions include:

  • Creating a strong and efficient Arts Infrastructure across the state

  • Planning and implementing arts-based Economic Development

  • Education in and with the arts

 Discover connections to authentic cultural experiences throughout North Carolina:

  • Cultural Trails
    Arts and culture experiences are a click away. Explore Literary North Carolina, Blue Ridge Music, North Carolina Craft, Historic Happy Valley, and more. Participate in distinctive arts experiences through guidebooks and web-based resources.
  • Everyday Enjoyment
    Find out the interesting stories behind the arts and cultural activities taking place across the state. Read timely posts about the latest news and trends that keep North Carolina creative.
  • Museums and Galleries
    Find the places and spaces where visual artists are on display. From famous masterpieces to contemporary innovations, there is art to see in every community.
  • Performing Arts
    From ballet to clogging, string bands to symphonies, opera to the blues, the performing arts are lighting up every corner of North Carolina. With a rich performing arts heritage and a thriving contemporary arts scene, you can experience the best our state has to offer in our guide to music, dance and theater artists and organizations across our state.