North Carolina: The Creative State

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The N.C. Arts Council’s 2009–14 Strategic Plan is the result of intensive staff and board review as well as candid discussions with arts leaders across North Carolina. Additionally, public meetings on the plan were held in the fall of 2008 so that artists, organizations, educators, city officials and others could commend and participate.

The five goals outlined in the plan are based on the essential belief that a robust arts industry produces a creative economy, vibrant communities, children prepared for the 21st century and lives filled with discovery and learning.

The five goals outlined in the plan include:

A Robust Arts Industry

  • Create an environment where artists can work, thrive, and feel supported in their creative lives.
  • Catalyze growth and leverage community support for the state’s arts organizations.
  • Brand North Carolina “The Creative State.”

A Creative Economy

  • Promote the importance of the Creative Economy to the state’s economic future.
  • Develop North Carolina as a leading arts tourism destination.
  • Showcase the state’s rich cultural traditions by creating a network of North Carolina Heritage Arts Centers.

Vibrant Communities

  • Make the arts a centerpiece of North Carolina’s changing cityscapes and city life.
  • Invest in the development and renovation of the state’s arts facilities.
  • Shape the Grassroots Arts Program to meet growing community needs.

Children Prepared for the 21st Century

  • Build the capacity of the state’s arts learning systems to teach 21st century skills.
  • Provide the state’s young people with arts learning experiences that spark creativity, imagination, and innovation.

Lives Filled with Discovery and Learning

  • Expand opportunities for all citizens to experience the arts.
  • Increase arts programs and services that reach citizens in underserved communities and reflect the state’s diverse cultures.